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We start by consulting with you and designing the project. By designing the entire project first, we avoid delays and unexpected costs during construction. Everything from floor plans, 3D renderings and material selection can be planned and finalized prior to any construction. This gives our team clear guidelines for the project from the beginning. This also helps our clients better visualize their projects.


Don't like the one aspect of your project shown in the rendering? Lets pick something else and see how you feel about it. A few clicks on a keyboard is a lot easier than ripping up your flooring and replacing it after you see it installed!


Upon design completion our skilled team of professionals will start the process. Our “design Package” will cover the entire scope of work, and more importantly the work schedule. This day to day schedule not only keeps us on track, but also keeps our clients up to date with what’s happening. Progress payments and design choices will also be shown in this calendar. Change order? No problem, paperwork will be done in a timely manner and the work schedule updated.

Types of Projects

From bathrooms to large scale renovation, to commercial antennas or solar panel installation, our team of experts is capable of bringing your dream to life. Don’t want to move from you house but need to update? We are there for your home remodel. Need more space in your current house? Lets do an addition. Thinking of building your dream home? Working together with the architects and engineers, we will be there every step of the way.

Our Process

  1. Initial consultation. Our first on site consultation will cover 3 main topics. Scope of work, requirements and budget.

  2. Project Design Package. After deciding to move forward with the project, our design process begins. Here we will start with what we call the “Project Package” where you will deal one on one with our project manager. We will finalize your project and start bring it into reality. 

  3. Scheduling. Moving forward we will now schedule in the project. You will be given a start date and a pre starting list so you are prepared. 

  4. Our team will now start on the scheduled date. You will be aware of the daily tasks as shown in the work schedule in the design package. Of course things change throughout the project.  Our work schedule is updated and changed as well so everything is clear on both ends!

  5. Now the project is done, we will determine and address any deficiencies. We will work hard to ensure that all components of the project and accurate and complete. 

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